Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wednesday's work

What a lovely session. The slow lane was quiet for most of the hour I was in the pool, despite it being half term. The kids were mostly in the open section or the diving pool so us lane swimmers could just carry on. Yay.

Not much to report to be honest. I did 24 lengths; a 20% increase on last week. I've been advised to not go any higher than 20% and I'm ok with that. Maybe because I had a longer rest this week with not swimming Monday I didn't struggle at all. I did short bursts of hard swimming as fast as I could and bursts of using both legs and arms (though I tend to drift when I do). I don't feel exhausted like I did last Friday so I'm quite happy. Basically an hour in the pool and 24 lengths completed. All is going well and I'm just going to continue with this schedule for the time being until I start needing more time in the water.

Now for some lunch! xxx

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