Sunday, 3 November 2013

Friday's flight

Friday went very well. Even though it was still half term and there were lots of children around, the lanes were open and of course they weren't allowed in them because most just wanted to be in the water to play.  I didn't see any of the familiar faces I swim with because I was earlier than usual.  The first few lengths were actually a struggle.  Whether I hadn't warmed up enough I don't know but it took till I was past about 6 lengths till I felt more comfortable.  I'm very grateful that I don't feel any pain in my shoulders while I swim. My neck and the left foot that cramps are the things I'm conscious of, but even though I couldn't do the same arm movements on land because my shoulders hurt and crunch, in the water it's wonderfully easy.

At some point I noticed that I was lifting my arms out of the water higher. The stroke was going well so I focussed on that and worked with it and kept going.  It seems to have made me faster because I did 24 lengths in 40 minutes, the fastest I've been so far and it felt very comfortable once I'd got into my stride. I rest briefly and loosen my neck regularly so that it doesn't stiffen up or hurt and the same with my foot. The left cramp is something I'm going to have to battle against but hopefully as I continue and improve it'll settle and I can just focus on the swimming itself. I'm have a busy weekend so not as much rest as normal. Hopefully that won't be too much of a problem on Monday but I'll have to see how it goes.

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