Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Midweek slump

I woke up stupidly early this morning, 2 hours before my alarm. Bloody hate it when that happens, especially when you really need the extra rest. Hey ho. Breakfast and a nice cuppa, shower and on we go.

The pool was really busy today. We got there earlier than previous visits and there was a school swimming lesson happening in the lanes. This meant that the other half of the pool (lengthways) was full of swimmers who would normally be out of the way. Of course my need to stay near the bank makes it awkward for everyone cos on the way back I'm swimming against them and just get in the way. Blah. So today really didn't have the space to work on my backstroke at all. I did one length backstroke, that was it.

I spent some time last night looking at videos online about improving my breaststroke, especially with regards to when I lift my head out of the water to breathe because that's the stroke that bothers my neck. So, I focussed on smooth strokes , lifting my head every 4th stroke to breathe and using the stroke to lift me rather than yanking my neck.  It did seem to go better and I did manage to swim almost full lengths before I got too tired to breathe properly. That's a definite improvement so I'm happy with that.  Though having not done any backstroke means my arms are gonna hurt later and my neck is tired because it didn't get a break.

This is my first full week of swimming and I'm starting to feel quite tired, so we'll have to see how it goes on Friday, how tired I am at the weekend and whether I can recover enough to start again on Monday.  Also I have a guest staying at some point this week so it may all get a bit bonkers.  La la la, on we go. xxx

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  1. Good work. It will get easier and you will fee l less tired as time goes on. Don;t overdo it to begin with in your first week so if 15 or 20 mins is all you manage on Friday then stick to that. I would say just getting into the routine is the first key and then the rest will follow. Well done! xx