Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Playing Catch Up.

Ok, I forgot to post after Monday's swim. Bad me. :) But I did swim, honest.

For now it's just a case of doing as much as I can with the limitations of a public pool. I don't know how busy it's going to be until I get there. I've gotten used to the fact that everyone swims lengths in a clockwise direction so that no-one gets in anyone's way. So I just have to time it right so that I can swim at my speed without holding anyone else up. So things are flowing better and I managed 10 solid lengths on Monday, some of which I swum on my back.

Today (Wednesday) the pool was pretty busy, with the school session still running in one half of the pool. I'm starting to see familiar faces now and we say hello and pass the time of day in between laps. I struggled swimming breast stroke today, I just didn't have enough breath to do the whole length without getting so tired that I started having to breathe after every stroke. Hopefully in time I'll get better at that and will be able to swim lengths without getting desperate for air.  I was able to swim several lengths one after the other on my back which was really helpful. I'm still having the problem of my left foot cramping up but I did use my legs more and that stopped it getting any worse.  I managed 14 lengths in total today, which is an improvement on Monday. I am starting to wonder how I'm going to manage to swim 20, 40 and ultimately 60 lengths in the future in a busy pool though. I long to have a lane to myself.

Still, onwards and upwards we go. x

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