Friday, 11 October 2013

The end of my first week.

I'm really starting to feel tired now. I even tried to go to bed before 7 last night I felt so tired. So I was feeling the drag of tiredness this morning but I'm determined not to wimp out and get lazy, especially not this soon cos I'll only pay for it in the long run. There's a long way to go and a lot of work to do, I counted and there's 22 weeks till the big swim. That's 66 sessions of swimming between now and then. But if I start feeling now like it's too much I'll never get there. Just work on one at a time, keep going and concentrate on looking after myself and I'm hopeful that I'll get there. I'm already seeing an improvement and that's just after one week.

I arrived a bit later today. When the school swim is running until 12 it's very busy in the other section of the pool. Afterwards there were only a handful of swimmers and some of them moved over when the lanes re-opened. I thought two teenage girls were going to be a pain cos they seemed to want to just splash around but in all fairness they must have been paying attention because the never once got in my way when I was swimming backstroke. I did about 4 lengths of backstroke without stopping and it was fine, but I noticed than my left foot was starting to cramp up. I hold my legs quite still because with Cerebral Palsy, I can't do lots of things at once, my brain can't process it all. So after a while my foot started to seize up. Given how many lengths I'm going to be doing at the end we can't have me getting cramps. I spoke to a life guard and he advised me to make sure I stretch before I get in and to regularly spend a bit of time getting my legs and feet moving to hopefully avoid them seizing up. I'll try it next time and see what happens. It makes sense though, because there's bound to be times when my arms get tired so I could try and work my legs a bit and give my arms a short rest.  It's something else to try and work into the routine so that I can improve without injury.

Now I get to rest up and recharge the batteries before I start again on Monday. I may even remember to put my knickers in the bag next time. ;)  xxx

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