Monday, 2 December 2013

Hitting the big 60

Today has been different in terms of my schedule. My carer is still away and I haven't swum since Wednesday. I had a physio appointment at 1 so I decided to have an easy morning and swim after the appointment.

The pool was in total chaos! There were more schools sessions going on, so much so that 3/4 of the pool was roped off for them leaving 1 single lane for lap swimmers. The first 20 minutes or so were quite unco-ordinated and I felt very anxious swimming on my back and trying to leave room for other swimmers is such a narrow lane. I did have a bit of a panic when the rope I was basically swimming against snapped and the divide between the swimmers got very messy. Thankfully that was sorted quite quickly, the thought of having to hold my line with children swimming next to me freaked me out. Isn't it funny how much of a difference that little piece of rope makes in a space of water?  I got in the pool at 2pm. At 3 the school sessions ended and the lanes were mercifully widened. It is always such a relief to have more room to swim without smacking into other swimmers.  I got to 30, 40 and then 44. I just decided that I was swimming well and to hell with it, I may as well keep going and see if I could get to 60 without my shoulders dying on me.

I did it in reasonable comfort, which is to say I could have kept going had I needed to. It's funny how different it feels when you stop though. Within 10 minutes or so whatever energy you've been maintaining has slipped away and you start to feel the effects of your efforts. Maybe it also has something to do with getting out of the pool and getting cold, but I know that if I don't eat a cereal bar or a banana within about 30 minutes I start to get a bit shaky.

It's 5 hours since I got out of the pool. I've had a cereal bar, a piece of toast when I got home, my dinner, a custard slice and I've started in on a box of chocolates that were supposed to be someones Xmas present. I may be doing the work but I just can't keep away from the sugar, or from just filling my face in general. I'm hoping that in time I can get a handle on the crazy eating and maybe actually drop a few pounds in the process. But right now? Pass the chocolate.  x