Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A new week, sort of

Yup, I'm playing catch up again aren't I? Friday went well. I was as tired as normal, Friday's can really be a struggle for me after a busy week. I just remind myself that I can rest that afternoon and during the weekend and that keeps me going. Once I'm in the pool, it's so cold you just have to get moving. I find it far too cold to stand around and chat for more than a few minutes, but when you first get in it's quite a shock so you have to move straight away. In that sense it's actually really helpful because you really can't stand around and dither and once you get going, as long as you have the energy to move you just keep going.

I had a lane to myself again for about 10 minutes so it was lovely not having to worry about bumping into anyone else.  I managed 20 lengths and I probably could have done a few more, but I did push myself to work my arms and legs the last few and I think I went too far because 1. I've done something weird to my left big toe (o_O) and 2. I was left feeling really weak and shaky and it took more effort to change afterwards, I was really glad I didn't have to get home under my own steam so big thanks to R for all her help.

My toe .... I noticed it during the weekend. I seem to have tweaked the muscle or joint in my left big toe. It's not mega painful but it is uncomfortable and quite an odd sensation. I'll see how it goes today (Wed) now I'm getting back in the pool.

Stupid storm weather prevented me swimming on Monday. For those that don't know me well, my balance is pretty crap and with the wind blowing a gale it wasn't very safe for me to be outdoors so I stayed in.  I was surprisingly bummed to miss my session and ridiculously bored. It felt like a waste of a day.  Maybe my lifestyle is changing after all?!?!?!

So, it's Wednesday and time to swim. I got up (far too) early so I had some porridge for breakfast. Let's see if it gives me some extra energy to increase my lengths today.  Watch this space ......

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