Monday, 25 November 2013

Just another Manic Monday

My carer is on holiday this week so it's the first time I headed to the pool without her.  I chose to go an hour earlier than normal so that I had time to do more but it turned out to probably not be the best decision.

There was plenty of my normal grumbling about people crowding other swimmers and bashing into them. Some swimmers just hit the wall, turn and shoot off without looking to see if they have any room, especially the faster ones. I can understand the impatience, believe me; I long to have a lane to myself but when you end up having to slam on the brakes cos you've run into someone, what have you really achieved?

So, suffice it to say that 2 hours of that wasn't the greatest fun ever. And since I spend a lot of time hitting the bank with my hand (I need enough room for my backstroke to fully extend my arms to my sides) I took a chunk out of my thumb cos I bashed my hand into the wall. To be honest I'm surprised I haven't done it sooner, I hit the wall several times a session.

The swimming itself was fine. I was really tempted, whilst I didn't have to rush anywhere, to keep going till I hit 60 because I really wanted to know in my body how it felt to swim that far and for that amount of time. However, given that I was very overtired last week I decided in the end that it wasn't the smartest idea and I stopped at 44 lengths. I moved away from the lanes and did some arm stretches and some leg work and then got out.

I'm not planning to go early on Wednesday, I think unless I go at the crack of dawn when the pool opens I think I'm definitely better off swimming for longer in the lanes so I'll try that on Wednesday.

At some point early nest year I will really need to do the 7am session, assuming it's calmer and quieter than after 9 with none of the normal grumbling. But given that we're headed for the depths of winter and I'm hoping to just be able to keep going, depending on weather and that I don't get some stinking cold etc. I'll be just really happy not to have to skip too many sessions between now and the end of January.

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