Thursday, 21 November 2013

A mixed bag

I've missed a week of posting because I had a few crappy sessions. On Friday the 15th my nose clip broke just after I got in the water which basically screwed my chances of swimming properly. That Friday was actually a crappy day all round, so the less said the better.

Monday this week was bonkers. Difficulty finding room to swim amongst all the other swimmers in a smaller than usual lane and one guy in particular who seemed to make it his mission to shove me into the wall as often as possible by not giving me any space. When he didn't let up after the lifeguard spoke to him I gave up and got out. Plus my lap counter wouldn't work so Monday didn't count for much.

Wednesday this week was, thankfully, a lot better. I do feel a bit pissy at times when swimmers won't take into account others who are waiting for enough room to start and head off without checking so I end up basically waiting till "the end of the queue" so I can start. That tries my patience rather a lot. Luckily once the lanes opened I had room to properly get going and once get into my groove I didn't really want to stop! :) I shouldn't have done huge amounts yesterday because I'm quite a bit overtired but I was having such a good swim I kept going until I hit 40 lengths.

I'm under orders not to increase for a week to give me time to catch myself up on rest. My carer is away next week so Monday is the first time I will be by myself with no one to help me change and no time scale to adhere to. This may be a good thing or it may work against me and make me exhausted.

Until then, since it's the end of the week and usually I am very tired, I shall see how tomorrow goes and of course that partly depends on other people and how much room I have. xxx

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