Monday, 11 November 2013

Friday's madness and Monday's mission.

Friday last week was bonkers. When I got to the pool there was a school lesson going on as usual in one half of the pool, and at least 10 people all trying to swim in the other half. It was busy, messy and frustrating. So much so that my lovely friend, who I now know is called Nuala, had to get out because someone had knocked into her and cut her leg. You can imagine my relief when the other lanes opened and we could all spread out a bit. All in all it meant I was in the pool for and hour and a half before I had got to 30 lengths.

Today was less busy but still messy and frustrating. Some swimmers just don't pay attention to what's going on around them and when you're swimming on your back as I do, you really can't see much of others and it can be a bit of an anxious situation because you're just hoping you don't crash into anyone.

Although to my delight the water was warmer today so I didn't have that usual shock when I get lowered into the water and it's freezing!

Anyway, 34 lengths today done quite comfortably in an hour. Much better result today, I'm starting to hit my stride and I'm really happy with the way things are going. I'm hoping to get a new swimsuit ASAP that I can get on and off by myself (my current one has to have the straps tied at the back otherwise I'd fall out of it) so that I can start thinking about going on other days without my carer. I just need to monitor how my aches are post-swimming to make sure I'm not increasing my distance too quickly.

Roll on Wednesday. :D  xxxxx

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