Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Rainy Wednesday

I didn't swim on Monday. I had an MRI scan on my dodgy right knee on Sunday afternoon which left me feeling rather unwell. So I stayed at home and the last few days have been fighting heavy fatigue.

But today is Wednesday and time to get back to it, I'm certainly not intending to take any more time off unless I have to. I know I have plenty of time but I don't want to get lazy about it all.  Of course the kids are back in school now so when I arrived poolside at 11:20 the schools session was in full swing.  It was nice to see some familiar faces today, an older lady who is incredibly sweet and always tells me how well I'm doing (I still haven't found out her name) and a brunette lady possibly just a little older than me who wears a very colourful swimsuit and swims breaststroke whilst keeping her head (and all her lovely hair) out of the water. She's still faster than me but I think I'm catching her up a bit. ;)

After how well Friday went I was hoping I hadn't lost too much momentum and thankfully after swimming half a dozen lengths to warm up my arms and shoulders, I lifted my arms higher out of the water and got going with the new, improved stroke. I can't do a full rotation with my arms, my shoulders wont let me so normally I just move my arms up to shoulder height and back down, kind of like when doing a snow angel. :)  Now, the arms come out of the water so that the hands meet in front of me, both arms raise above my head and then behind my head, into the water and down towards my sides. I hope that makes sense. :)

I'm still having the problem of cramp in my left foot. I guess I'll have to continue to see how that goes. I'm just hoping it doesn't end up becoming a real problem as I get into 40+ lengths. I'm much more likely to get a bit of arm and shoulder pain now, after all I'm working a lot harder. I may need to talk to the Dr. and ME therapist about it, at the moment I take pain meds morning and night, so after-swimming pain in the afternoon really isn't properly covered and with it being increasingly cold and damp we may need to change things.  La la la the medication juggle is entertaining at times, especially depending on what season we're in.

Anyway, numbers... last Friday I swam the required 24 lengths.  Today, I think I may have miscounted. My counter said 28 but I don't think it was quite that many. I may have pressed the button too hard and added a few extra. I think it was more likely 26 but either way I wanted to do slightly more than last week which I'm sure I did so I'm happy with that after missing a session.  Onward and upwards. :) xx

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