Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Doing fine

Wednesday morning and for a few minutes I consider staying in bed. Yeah, right!  As usual, it's busy when I get to the pool. As usual, most people are sensible but there's always a few folk who make things awkward. I wish I could go to a pool that was for proper training and I could just get on with it without having to worry about other people. It would make things faster and much easier. La la la, I'm such a whinger. ;)

It takes me a few lengths to get my arms and shoulders loosened up before I can swim the better stroke with my arms leaving the water in a higher position. Once I've done 10 lengths I'm in my stride and going well. I'm looking forward to passing 40 (next week I think) and testing out how long my arms can go for before they start to complain.

I did a couple of extra lengths today, 36 instead of 34 just to push closer to my final target. I think as long as I avoid colds etc and don't hurt myself or have a fatigue setback I'm going to be fine with the final distance. I really do need to look at using the pool perhaps at a different time when I can just bash out the lengths without the usual battle of avoiding others.

We'll see how busy Friday is. I may try for 40 ..... xxx

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